Cognitive Engineering Laboratory

A leading center for cognitive engineering research, training and solutions.

The Cognitive Engineering Laboratory (CEL) conducts applied research on how to introduce information technology into complex work environments so that the prerequisites for an effective feedback control system can be satisfied.

The CEL, the Human Factors and Applied Statistics Laboratory (HFASt), the Ergonomics in Teleoperation and Control Laboratory (ETC), and the Interactive Media Lab (IML), comprise the University of Toronto's Human Factors Research Group. All four labs are located in the Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering.

This website provides a comprehensive view of the past and present work conducted at the CEL and the people responsible for its success. Any questions or comments on the material presented here can be emailed to Dr. Greg A. Jamieson, Director of the Cognitive Engineering Laboratory.

Current Projects

Design for Situation Awareness in Future Power Grid Operations

Conducting a work analysis, then designing and evaluating display concepts for power grid and electricity market operations.

Investigating Soldier Reliance on Automated Combat Identification Aids

Investigating the impact of automated systems on combat identification, specifically automatic target detection.

Discovering Adaptive Interpretation Strategies for Monitoring and Targeting in Energy Management

A work analysis of Energy Monitoring and Targeting, based on field study. Design and evaluation of a novel energy performance diagnosis tool.