The CEL is a fantastic place to study and conduct research. We welcome enquiries from prospective graduate students, post-doctoral fellows, visiting researchers and undergraduate students seeking research opportunities. A background in engineering, psychology, computer science or other physical or behavioural science is expected. The links below indicate where we have identified specific near-term opportunities.

Undergraduate Students Visiting Students

Undergraduate Students

CEL extends an open invitation to excellent undergraduate students interested in one- or two-term Thesis (MIE498, ESC499) opportunities. Potential topics generally involve the application of adaptive automation concepts in the natural resource and cyber-security domains. Interested students should contact Prof. Jamieson at jamieson@mie.utoronto.ca.

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Visiting Students

CEL welcomes visiting students with whom we share mutual research interests. Opportunities are always resource-limited and are usually limited to visiting graduate students with some means of financial support for their stay. CEL can offer logistical assistance and provide a workspace and academic resources.

Prospective visiting students should contact Professor Greg A. Jamieson at jamieson@mie.utoronto.ca.

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