Project: Supporting Situation Awareness and Collaboration in Nuclear Power Plant Operations: The Role of Large-Screen Displays

Partner: Candu Energy Inc., NSERC
Dates: June 2014 - December 2015
Participants: Zhunussova, A., Cole, W., Jamieson, G. A., Kortschot, Sean, Myers, W.
Description: This project is focused on providing evidence against the claimed benefits of Large-Screen Displays (LSDs) and supporting the effective design of LSDs for the nuclear power industry. The research objectives are:
1. Test the claim that LSDs support process operator situation awareness.
2. Test the claim that LSDs support effective crew collaboration.
3. Test and extend recent developments in Team Cognitive Work Analysis.
4. Extend the Ecological Interface Design framework for application to the design of LSDs.
5. Identify LSD information content, structure and forms that contribute to operator situation awareness and collaboration.

The HMI solutions will be evaluated in the industry partner’s main control room (MCR) mock-up. Representative operating tasks will be selected to simulate operating contexts requiring either high levels of SA or close collaboration. Measures of operator and crew performance, SA and collaboration will be taken and analyzed statistically to draw conclusions about the effectiveness of the HMIs with respect to the claimed benefits of LSDs.
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