Project: ABB 14 — Consolidating Operations and Maintenance through Mobile Devices and Ubiquitous Service

Partner: ABB
Dates: 2014 - Present
Participants: Zhunussova, A., Tran, F.
Description: We envision that with the use of mobile devices, roles of the control room operators, field and maintenance technicians will blur and these workers will become members of consolidated flexible Operations and Maintenance (flex-O&M) Teams. In this project we will be looking at the maintenance and control tasks of these flex-O&M Teams. The teams will be able to move to any location in the facility to verify and maintain the quality of the DCS’s functional plant model against their direct observations. In turn, the central control room will evolve into a suite of control areas both real and virtual, local and remote, central and distributed, and individual and collaborative. The effectiveness of these extended control spaces will depend on the quality of communication between, and coordination of, workers.

We postulated five initial use case concepts for flex-O&M teams equipped with near-future mobile devices. In the course of the proposed project we would augment and refine these initial use cases through field study, work analysis, and feedback. Evidence-based prioritization would identify a small number of compelling, customer-prioritized use cases for which we would develop HMI wireframes to subsequently prototype and evaluate.
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