Project: ABB 97 — The effects of spatial and temporal proximity of means-end related information in ecological display design for an industrial simulation

Partner: ABB
Dates: December 1995 - November 1996
Participants: Vicente, K. J., Burns, C. M.
Description: This project was the final leg of the ABB research series culminating in an experimental investigation. Based on an abstraction hierarchy of the ABB plant made in ABB 96, views were created for each cell of the abstraction hierarchy. These views were then integrated in three different ways based on a novel use of a space-time approach to describing integration. The details of this approach are available in CEL 97-05 and Burns (1998). The three displays employed low spatial-high temporal integration, high spatial-low temporal integration, and high spatial-high temporal integration of means-end information. Subjects performed information search tasks as well as fault detection and diagnosis tasks. It was found that the spatial and temporal proximity of means-end related information affects the traversal of means-end connections. In particular, high spatial and temporal integration resulted in significantly faster and more accurate fault diagnosis performance. This research is a unique look at integration issues with a large plant simulation and helps to expand the application of ecological interface design to large systems.
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