Project: Applying Temporal Construal Theory in Energy Conservation

Partner: SSHRC
Dates: May 2009 - September 2010
Participants: Jamieson, G., Trinh, K.
Collaborator: Adam Smith, Angela Loder, Luke Gelinas, Beth Savan, Ingrid A. Stefanovich
Description: Visceral influences hinder energy conservation in the home but are relatively understudied. This study tested temporal construal theory (TCT) as a unifying explanation for two explanations of visceral influences: the hot-system/cool-system framework and the hyperbolic discount theory. We introduced a conceptual framework based on TCT that delineated four behavioural intervention strategies used to promote energy conservation. To improve feedback design for visceral reactions, we proposed two inter-temporal choice design heuristics and demonstrated their application. Our conceptual framework and design heuristics provide designers with tools to think about behavioural intervention options and how they target conservation-deterring factors.
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