Project: EYEMOV 99 — Attention Allocation in Ecological Interface Design Using Eye Tracking

Partner: Self-funded
Dates: March 1999 - March 2000
Participants: Vicente, K. J., Haudegond, S
Description: In this research, we examine the question of how people allocate their attention when controlling a complex system while watching an integrated view of the system. To achieve this, we analyzed fixations on particular objects as an indicator of attention. The subjects had to control DURESS II wearing an eyetracker with one of two interfaces, a traditional Physical Interface (P) and another fitting the requirements of Ecological Interface Design (P+F). Two other independent groups were participating in this experiment, some novices knowing nothing about the system and some experts from a previous experiment. In all cases, the visual scanning patterns seem to exhibit colored noise which is theorized to be a characteristic signature of complexity.
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