Project: CAS 05 — Exploring Database Administrators' Attitudes towards Automation

Partner: IBM Centre for Advanced Studies
Dates: January 2005 - December 2005
Participants: Jamieson, G., Duez, P.
Collaborator: Michael Zuliani and Rick Sobiesiak (IBM Canada)
Description: This project was a continuation of [CAS 04] and explored the potential impact of CWA on a “policy-based” approach to automation administration. In addition, a field study of operational database administrators (DBAs) was conducted to investigate their interaction with DB2 and with automation within DB2. This field study shed light on DBAs’ reliance on procedures and practice in development environments (“sandboxes”) to ensure database availability. In this environment, it is important that automation be transparent in its processes and in reporting its performance in order to gain operators’ trust in a high-availability environment.
Additionally, a framework was developed to leverage the Abstraction Hierarchy to describe an automated tool in such a way as to identify relevant purpose-, process- and performance-related information.
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