Project: DRDC 07 — Interface Design for an Automated Combat Identification System: Displaying Reliability Information

Partner: DRDC
Dates: September 2007 - September 2009
Participants: Jamieson, G., Hollands, J., Neyedli, H.
Description: Automated combat identification (CID) systems play a role in preventing friendly fire; however, these systems are not perfectly reliable. Earlier work performed by CEL (DRDC 06 — Supporting Appropriate Trust in Automated Combat Identification Systems) showed that informing participants of system reliability improved reliance on the automated system.

The purpose of this project was to design and test interfaces to display reliability information of a rifle-mounted CID system. The display had to indicate the identity of the potential target (friendly soldier, or ‘unknown’) as well as the reliability that the ‘unknown’ feedback indicated the presence of an enemy combatant. The designed displays varied along two factors. The first was whether the proportional reliability information was displayed using a pie chart or a partially filled mesh grid. The second was whether the identity and reliability information were integrated or separated from each other within the display. The displays were implemented in the IMMERSIVE combat simulation environment and participants were presented with a potential target and had limited time to decide whether to shoot the potential target or not.

The results showed that participants relied on the automation more appropriately with the integrated display than with the separated display. This result indicates that integrating the reliability information with the identity information increased the use of the reliability information during the task. Participants were more sensitive in identifying targets when using the mesh display compared to the pie chart. This result indicates the participants may have been able to gain information more quickly from the mesh display allowing the participant more time to inspect the target. The results from this study can also inform on display design in other time-pressured domains.
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