Project: PRECARN 07A — Interface Development for a Sensor-Integrated Water Monitoring System

Partner: Precarn Inc.
Dates: January 2007 - September 2009
Participants: Jamieson, G., Vary, B.
Collaborator: A.U.G Signals Ltd., Toronto Water and Wastewater Services, Queen's University, Public Health Agency of Canada, University of Calgary
Description: Currently, the information readily accessible to Toronto Water operators does not support a rapid response to contamination events. Water samples are taken at a limited number of locations and at infrequent time intervals. In addition, the samples are tested for only a select number of contaminants and operators can wait up to several months for the test results.

The purpose of this project is to develop a graphical interface for an Intelligent Situation Assessment Unit (ISAU) that will use sensor-integration technology to detect contaminants in the City of Toronto’s water system. Not only will the interface utilize real-time and historical sensor data, but it will also incorporate external non-sensor information, such as customer water quality complaints. With this integrated information, the operator will be better able to rapidly respond to natural, accidental and intentional contamination events.
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