Project: CAS 04 — Investigating the Applicability of the 3 P’s

Partner: IBM Centre for Advanced Studies
Dates: June 2004 - December 2004
Participants: Jamieson, G., Duez, P.
Collaborator: Michael Zuliani and Rick Sobiesiak (IBM Canada)
Description: DB2 is a complex relational database application that presents difficult challenges to enterprise database administrators (DBAs). For that reason, the IBM Toronto Labs has a dedicated User Experience Team for DB2. IBM has undertaken a new thrust to incorporate autonomic computing into DB2. An acknowledged challenge in meeting this objective is engendering user trust in the automation. The purpose of this research program is to develop a design framework for appropriate operator trust in, and reliance on, automation.
The purpose of this first stage was to determine the applicability of Lee and See’s conceptual model of automation reliance to recently-developed automated functionality within DB2, specifically, to critique interfaces and documentation based on the three categories of attributional abstraction (purpose, process and performance) identified by the model.
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