Project: Large-screen displays in nuclear power plant control

Partner: Candu Energy Inc., NSERC
Dates: April 2013 - October 2013
Participants: Jamieson, G., Myers, W.
Collaborator: Halden Reactor Project
Description: The purpose of this project was to examine operating experience with large-screen displays (LSDs) in nuclear power generation and peer domains, including process control and command and control. The project consisted of a review of the literature and interviews with subject-matter experts (SMEs), including operators, interface designers, industry human factors practitioners, human factors researchers, and regulators. We found weak evidence that the theorized benefits of LSDs to operator situation awareness, communication, and collaboration are realized in practice. SMEs were not in agreement about the need for large-screen displays across domains and the strategies that enable their effectiveness. The findings of this review have implications for the design of LSDs and underscore the need for further study in nuclear power generation and peer domains.
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