Project: AECL 12 — Local to Mobile Devices for Nuclear Operations

Partner: AECL
Dates: January 2012 - Unknown 2013
Participants: Lee, G.
Description: The National Research Universal (NRU) reactor, located in Chalk River Laboratories has implemented a new mobile device to help Operators collect instrument data in the field. Components in the field display instrument readings through various analog and digital devices. Before the change, Operators collected readings via a paper and pen method. Now with the implementation of the mobile device, Operators scan a barcode and input the instrument’s reading using a keyboard and touchscreen. To understand the factors that influence Operator acceptance of the new technology, the Technology Acceptance Model (TAM) was used to identify determinants that have the biggest impact on the Operators’ intention to use the mobile device. The TAM results identified the determinants that were most influential and the mobile interface was redesigned based on the TAM results. Once the interfaces were redesigned they were evaluated through a usability study that compared the original interface with the newly designed screens. The results showed slightly more positive results for the redesigned interface, but overall no statistically significant differences between the screens.
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