Project: CFI-OIT 02 — Process Control Simulator for the Development and Evaluation of Advanced Operations Applications

Dates: September 2002 - October 2005
Participants: Jamieson, G., Hilliard, A., Burns, C. M., Lau, N.
Description: We constructed a high fidelity process simulator suite in which we can design, deploy, and evaluate novel information applications to support operators in the process industries (e.g., refining and chemical production). Research conducted in this simulator will improve the productivity of the joint worker/information technology team. Major components of the infrastructure include simulation and control software (MiMiC and DeltaV), operator work stations, sensing and control equipment (Foundation Fieldbus), and a dry laboratory to house the equipment. The simulator is connected to a research network, allowing researchers at Ontario Universities, Colleges, and private-sector partners to use the infrastructure remotely. Effective use of information technology by operations teams is a key factor in establishing safe and productive manufacturing facilities. Thus, the research will benefit both Canadian industry and public health through improvements in worker use of information technology.

View PDF Hilliard, A., Thompson, L., & Jamieson, G.A. (2006). Canada Foundatinon for Innovation (CFI) Emerson DeltaV / MiMiC Industrial Process Control Simulator Technical Report. (CEL 06-01). University of Toronto, Toronto, Canada.

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