Project: DRDC 06 — Supporting Appropriate Trust in Automated Combat Identification Systems

Partner: Defence Research and Development Canada
Dates: October 2006 - September 2007
Participants: Jamieson, G., Hollands, J., Wang, L.
Description: Friendly fire is an enduring problem in modern warfare. Investigations have revealed that human errors in combat identification (CID) played a major part in most friendly fire incidents. Automated CID systems, which often comprise “question and answer systems”, have been developed and provided to soldiers. However, both field observations and empirical data suggest that soldiers tend to overly trust in and rely on these automated systems which are in fact not perfectly reliable.
The purpose of this study is to support soldiers’ appropriate trust in CID systems. This study includes two phases: in the first phase, we will conduct two successive experiments to explore soldiers’ interaction with a CID system and discover crucial information that can engender soldiers’ appropriate trust in the system; in the second phase, we will design an interface for the system based on the findings in the first phase.
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