Project: Supporting Novice & Expert Strategies for Energy Model Assessment in an Energy Management Information System

Partner: FedDev ARC
Dates: 2012 - 2013
Participants: Jamieson, G., Hilliard, A.
Description: Drawing from participant observation and a field study of energy efficiency, this work addressed the information required to assess the quality of a decision aid. The standard energy management practice of Energy Monitoring & Targeting (M&T) uses empirical model-driven statistics to produce a summary decision-aiding CUSUM chart. This study determined that users could not reliably interpret CUSUM charts, in part because they could not assess what the empirical model 'behind' the chart represented. The result was a prototype energy model explanatory report developed through heuristic evaluation and user-centered design. It was designed to support both novice (associative and criteria-based) and expert (statistical reasoning) assessment strategies.

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