Research Platform: DURESS II

DURESS II is a research platform that has been used in the CEL's research program. For more details on the DURESS platform, see the publications related to the JAERI projects.

Two versions of DURESS II can be downloaded from this page. The first version is the original research vehicle, and runs under Irix 5.3*. A cross-platform Java version of DURESS II, DURESSJ, is also available for machines not running Irix. DURESS II - for Irix 5.3 DURESSj - Cross Platform Version of Duress II

DURESS II for Irix 5.3

The download package for Irix 5.3 is a 1.25 MB .zip file that contains 8 files:

  • duress - The DURESS II program.
  • dplayer - A tool for replaying trials.
  • dloggen - An analysis tool for interpolating system state from the data contained in DURESS II logfiles.
  • dxtract - An analysis tool for extracting data from DURESS II logfiles.
  • dgraph, dgraph2, dgraphgen, and combine - Various analysis tools.

After downloading and extracting these files, ensure that they have been set as executable using the command 'chmod 007 filename'.

  • Download DURESS II for Irix 5.3 (1.25 MB) -

Note that the Irix version of DURESS II may run under newer versions of Irix, but has not been tested on these platforms.

DURESSj - Cross Platform Version of DURESS II

The DURESSj download package is a 474KB .zip file that contains 336 files. To install DURESSj, unzip the download package into an empty directory. The DURESSj executable is; how to run this executable depends on the version of Java installed on your machine (see the note below).

Note: DURESSj has not been coded as an applet, and will not run in a java-enabled web browser. To execute DURESSj, you need to have Java installed on your machine. You can obtain a free version of Java from

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