Research Platform: IMMERSIVE

Figure 1: Participant’s view in IMMERSIVE

Figure 2: Different uniforms and weapons for friendly and hostile forces

IMMERSIVE (Instrumented Military Modeling Engine for Research using Simulation and Virtual Environments) was developed by DRDC (Defense Research and Development Canada) Valcartier, utilizing modules of a commercial first-person shooter game – Unreal Tournament 2004. Figure 1 shows the screenshot of a simulated scene.

IMMERSIVE is a highly functional test bed for exploring interactions between soldiers and two combat identification (CID) systems in urban combat environment:

  • A blue-force track system which can illustrate locations of friendly forces on a digital map.
  • A rifle-mounted interrogation/response system which can indicate a friendly by returning on a blue light when a shooter has him as a target within his sight.

In IMMERSIVE, experimenters can create scenarios by setting terrains, combat activities as well as characteristics of forces. Friendly and hostile forces are distinguished by differences in uniforms, weapons, actions, and feedback from the CID systems (See Figure 2). For research flexibility, this simulation allows experimenters to modify the accuracy and consistency of these cues, e.g. a soldier can be produced in friendly clothing and weapons but indicated as a foe by a CID system.

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